What would a morning look like when you have an extremely important business meeting scheduled, all is set for work, you’ve dressed up in one of your favorite professional attires, and as you march out of your front door, your smile suddenly changes to frown as you see a flat tyre. What a terrible start to such an important day, isn’t it?

What will you do next? Wait for the tube? Or a friend to pick you up on the way to work? Let’s suppose those are the options you’ve missed already, and you decide to drive the car with the flat tyre (thinking it’s just a minor thing) and take off to work.

The journey would be self explanatory and needs very little amount of reasoning as to why shouldn’t you ever drive on a flat tyre. Instead of calling a tow truck service provider, many drivers keep going with a flat tyre, which is a recipe for disaster without any doubt. It is highly recommended to pull over if you’re driving and experience a flat tyre.output_xrml4r

Drivers often tend to drag their weary tyre to the service station whichever is in nearby vicinity because they’re in hurry- not a good idea either. It is better to wait for a tow truck to move your car to the destined location without risking the safety of your car and yourself (or the passengers- whatever the number maybe).

Maintenance of proper air pressure in the tyre is highly essential for it to function properly and be a safe component for the driver and the passengers. The air pressure may not remain constant and deflate a tyre due to anything pointy with sharp edges puncturing the tire or because the vehicle has been running on rough roads for a long time. Driving on a flat tyre can also cause damage the rim, and this can also result in damaging the tyre beyond repair. This is more like an engine running without adequate amount of oil; imagine what that would do to a fast running engine! No amount of oil then would be able to repair it; in the same way, driving your car on low air pressure will severely damage the tire, which might not be reparable afterwards.

And how can we miss the fact that the cost incurred with changing a tire rather than just taking it to service station to get it fixed? Apart from this, too much time and hassle would be involved which could have been avoided by taking the right measure at the right time.

Moreover, the functionality of the vehicle decreases with a flat tyre. Also, the control over the vehicle decreases and it could be highly dangerous for both, the driver and passenger and also other road users – not to forget the overall damage the vehicle will incur in the case it collides with an object or another vehicle, if it gets out of control on a busy road.

TowPro.ie helps you drive safely and without the hassle of worrying about your vehicle with a flat tyre by providing professional services such as mobile puncture repair, vehicle towing, vehicle recovery and breakdown roadside assistance along with many other services by the company.

How to change to spare tyre

watch the short video on how to change a flat tyre